This is the month that Indonesia becomes the ideal South East Asian destination, experience the exotic & spiritual island of Bali & Lambok.

It may be the adventure of California’s National Park, Napa Wine Region & bustling cities or the breathtaking scenery & cosmopolitan cities of Canada.

If unpacking once whilst visiting numerous destinations is for you then experience life on the high seas of the Mediterranean whether you go East or West take advantage of the nightlife, great cuisine choices & day time activities from port to port!

Sunseekers – Indonesia, Canada, USA, Hawaii, Seychelles, Mauritius, Malaysia, Mediterranean destinations

Winter Warmers – New Zealand, Alaska

Jungle Jubilations – Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Borneo

Culture Seekers – Peru, Bolivia, Italy, Egypt, Morocco

No Go Areas – India, Thailand, Caribbean*be aware of Hurricane season June to October*